Appeared in India approximately 5 000 years ago, the yoga is based on principles to develop harmoniously the body and mind, to return to a lighter spirit and a serene soul. Created originally by men, the yoga leans on the Yoga Sutras from Patanjali. The yoga is a way of thinking which is based on the idea that a healthy spirit and a healthy body go together.

Yoga is not a religion but a lifestyle.

The important thing is to consider the human being in its entirety and to activate the vital energy, in particular at the level of chakras, to improve the physical and mental health.

In India, yoga is a group of different disciplines.

  • yoga sutra (short phrases in sanskrit)
  • chakra (body energy)
  • meditation
  • relaxation
  • breathing


Hatha yoga is the yoga the most practiced yoga in Occident. It allows a smoothly control of the body, the senses and works especially on postures to give people a better physical shape.

It is a discipline addressed to everybody. "Whoever can breathe is capable of practising yoga ", Desikachar, son and privileged student of Sri Krishnamacharya, a yogi recognized to embody the strength of reappearance of the Hatha yoga during the recent decades.

Every posture is to be maintained for several deep breaths. The hatha yoga is associated with the control of the breath (pranayama) and concentration.

Known Benefits

Many postures, called "asanas ", help to improve temporary or chronic difficulties. Indeed, the yoga for the eyes helps to fight against the eye fatigue thanks to soft exercises ; there is also a yoga intended for back pains. Otherwise, in case of sleeping disorders, there are particularly adapted forms of yoga. And if you wish to look slimmer, there also, several choices are possible, the yoga having real effects on the morphology. Before the sport, the yoga can also constitute a very good warm-up for the muscles, but it can be also a full sport and a real lifestyle.

  • For your body : flexibility, strengthened joints, disappearance of back problems
  • For your mind : a greater concentration, an improved memorization, a more clear and calmed spirit
  • For your feelings : a better management of the stress, a strong decrease of the anxiety, a better quality of sleep