Hatha Yoga is a discipline for everyone. "Anyone who can breathe can do yoga," Desikachars son and privileged student of Sri Krishnamacharya, recognized yogi of the reborned Hatha yoga in recent decades.

Hatha Yoga is associated with breath control (pranayama) and concentration.

Classes are taught by a teacher trained in ENPY (16-133), Yoga Teachers National School of Bordeaux.


As any physical activity, it is strongly recommended to make a medical balance certificate.

In certain cases, the postures must be adapted: yoga for pregnant woman, child or senior.

Numerous benefactions of the yoga surpass widely contraindications.


1 Free Discovery Session

Feel the benefits of Hatha Yoga


Just a few things are needed to practice yoga. However, for the meditation or some postures, some accessories are recommended.

A yoga mat, should be comfortable , non-slip , possibly thick and easily transportable.

A pillow, is ideal for pregnant women, people with flexibility problems and seniors; it facilitates certain postures and allow to achieve smoothly the superior levels.

A light blanket, is ideal for the relaxation.

Comfortable clothes are recommended to feel at ease (short, jogging, legging...).

The Session

All the classes take place in music to create a pleasant atmosphere and cut ourselves from the outside world. The session lasts 1h30.

A session begins with a body warm up and a work on the breath. The whole body is going to be relaxed before starting any postures. We work on becoming aware of our body in the space.

A series of âsanas or postures follows. Every posture completes the previous one, prepares the following one, or establishes stability.

The class ends by a full body and mind relaxation allowing to eliminate any track of nervousness and tension.